Saturday, January 4, 2014

It's 1-4-14: It's Time for Snowmen, Day 100, Calendars, Addition, A BLOGGERS' BASH, a FREEBIE, & More!

The Snowman Shop:  

A FUN way to teach Common Core Addition & Subtraction with REAL WORLD MATH:
A.K.A. "I Teach Shopping!"
These snowmen will melt your heart!  
I call my students up 2 at a time.  One shops while the other watches.
I create a large menu.

So many things to choose from.

They are given 3 white circles and 20 cents to purchase items for their snowman.  

As they shop, they place the items on 3 laminated white circles so they can visualize what their snowman will look like, but they create their own snowman on another day.
If you change your mind, you may return an item, but you have to do the math!
Counting & Cardinality.
Recording their purchases on the receipt.  

When they are done shopping, I place their items in a Zip-lock bag labeled with their name and the shopper gets the next student who will watch student #2 shop.  
On another day, they will get their snowball pieces and their shopping bag.

I store the shopping bags with the receipts until construction day.

On construction day, they get their 3 white snowballs to cut out and glue together.

Some make tall snowmen, others make short snowmen. 
 The best part is that each one ends up looking so different.

They glue on the pieces they bought.  Some use snowflakes for the nose, some use them for the eyes.

Some bought hats, some didn't.  Some bought scarves, others bought bells.
This makes a wonderful bulletin board.  Each receipt is pinned by each snowman showing the cost of each item.
Although every child spent 20 cents, no two snowmen are alike!

You can create a snowman store in your classroom too.  Our receipt templates pack includes samples for 3 stores:  Meow Mall, Snowman Shop, and Lucky Leprechaun's Jewelry Store.  
Click {Here} to see our KFUN Shopping Receipts

Can you tell I like snowmen?  
If you do too, you might also like:
Holiday Character Opinion and Graphs:  Students tell you if they would rather be a snowman, a reindeer, a gingerbread man, or an elf AND WHY.  
Now that the holidays are over, give your opinion:
Would you rather be a snowman, a reindeer,
gingerbread man, or an elf?
Use our icons to create a class graph and use this activity to write an opinion piece.
Click the image to see the download.
Every year in my class, the reindeer win.  Their reasons:
~Snowmen melt.
~Gingerbread men get eaten.
~Elves have to work too hard.
~But reindeer get to fly!  :)

Snowman wrapped gifts:  You can put a granola bar inside.  
For more info on how to make these, click the image,
then scroll down for step-by-step directions.

New Year, New Calendar:

Did you notice the date that this post was written on?  1-4-14!
These Perpetual Calendar templates will outlast your teaching career!  They go on forever!
You will never have to create a new calendar again! And they are sooooo cute!
Click the image to see the download.

Use them for folder covers or glue them to the bottom half of a 12" X 18" piece of construction paper and add a cute craftivity to the top half.  

Day 100 Is Almost Here!

You can find lots of FUN ideas in our Day 100 pack:
Click the image.

All Things Addition:

If you are planning to dive into Common Core Addition when school starts up again, you will want to check out these FUN addition printables:   

Pattern Block Math - Students make a book by Composing addition sentences with Pattern Blocks.
Click the image:  

Circle Math Addition -  Students compose addition sentences using colored counters.

Click the image:          

Domino Addition - Students compose addition sentences using dominos.

Click the image:         

Addition Memory Game - Students match addends with their sums.

Click the image:     

We also have the Addition Bundle:
Click the image to get the entire addition bundle
at a discounted price.

The First Ever Southern California Bloggers' Bash:

You won't want to miss the excitement of this Blogger's Bash!  
Feb. 28, 2014 at 7:15 PM in Pasadena, CA.
The Southern California Kindergarten Conference is hosting an amazing evening filled with 
Fame &
The Food:  The Bash includes a complete dinner with a salad, entrée, dessert, and beverage!
The Fame:  More than 15 bloggers will be there to share their best blog posts and best products!
                    Did I mention that Deanna Jump will be one of the bloggers?
The Fun:  Each blogger is donating their best download. That means you get over 15 FREE products!
But that's not all...
Each blogger is also donating a gift basket complete with "ready-to-use" products for your classroom!

There will also be a Pre-Conference with Deanna Jump!
You can attend the entire conference or just the Bloggers' Bash.
You can find more info about the Pre-Conference with Deanna Jump by clicking {Here}.
You can find more info on the conference by clicking {Here}.
You can find more info on the Blogger's Bash by clicking {Here}.

You might like to see more info about the entire conference and the Bash by 
clicking HERE.

Part of the Children's Art Exhibit at the So CA Kindergarten Conference.
Click the image for more info.
Here is my FREEBIE for you this month:
This is NOT your same old Days of the Week Song!
You will recognize the tune from The Cure's "Friday, I'm In Love" but the words are kid friendly.
Click the image for the FREEBIE.

See you all next month on the 4th!
Until then, please visit my blog for more ways to "Keep the FUN in the FUNdamentals!"

"Like" my Facebook page.  I randomly give Freebies to my fans.

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And leave me a comment below so I know you are out there!  :)

Palma :)


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