Monday, June 18, 2018

Catch Mother Goose on July 12 @ 1:00 PM!

That's when I'll be presenting a session on 
Teaching With Nursery Rhymes 
at SDE's "I Teach K" conference. 

Click Mother Goose for more info about this session. 
This session is based on current research about the benefits of teaching nursery rhymes.

Click the image for more info.
You will discover engaging activities to go along with eight different nursery rhymes.
Click any of the nursery rhymes for more info. 
And you will see how easy it is to assess skills while students are having fun interacting with nursery rhymes. 
Click the Dr. Seuss Onset Rhyme Hat-Book for more info. 
From Marzano's 6-step Method to Teach Vocabulary....
Click the image above for more info.
... to specific step-by-step directions about engaging & fun lessons and activities...
Click the pocket watch or the locket for more info. 
... and fun ways to assess learning so your students actually beg you to test them! Seriously!
Click on any of the Show and Tell Aprons
 for more info about these amazing teaching aprons. 
And did I mention the amazing handout that outlines the 5 levels of phonemic awareness, provides you with a list of all 48 of the nursery rhyme activities shown in my presentation, and 2 full pages of adorable graphics from DJ Inkers
Plus links to discounts, coupon codes, and freebies! 

And, if you have EVER been to one of my sessions, you know that I LOVE to give away tons of prizes, like a free year of ESGI (find out more about this game-changer by CLICKING HERE.)

"I Teach K!" 
is the Cadillac of all kindergarten conferences! 
You will LOVE all of the amazing presenters 
and the huge vendors' hall.
In between sessions, 
from Mon.-Fri., July 9-13 
(yes, that's Friday the 13th!) 
you can catch me at the 
or at ESGI's booth
I'll be presenting a 15 minute 
Facebook Live 
FREE presentation at ESGI's booth 
on Tuesday, July 10 at 9:50
Meet me there & arrive early 
for the best seats & even more prizes!
Here is a little glimpse about 
my FREE ESGI Presentation:

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