Sunday, July 7, 2019

Buttons, Bows, Eric Carle, & Van Gogh!

Art Really Teaches!

Join us for some hands-on fun this summer, 
earn up to 3 graduate-level semester units
& receive a free gift:

Discover how you can link math 

to almost ANY of your 

favorite art activities!

Come and create an adorable hat 
using unique art materials from 
and learn how your students can 
"buy" everything they need 
to embellish their creation.

This workshop is Presented by

the CKA Art Team with special guest 

Palma Lindsay!

For Pre-K/TK/Kindergarten 

and Grade One Educators

Tuesday, July 30th

8:30 a.m. – 3:30 p.m.

Click the image above for more info.
Contra Costa County Office of Education
77 Santa Barbara Road
Pleasant Hill, California

A Gift from the Art Team:

Each attendee will receive a copy of CKA’s publication, 

ART Really Teaches!

This book is filled with amazing art ideas.
$40 value!

Your day will include: 

~both CA Visual Art Standards 
& Pre-School Learning Foundation Standards

~the style of 7 master artists

~techniques on how to integrate 
oral language, literature, and math with art

~a rich portfolio of project ideas

~a hands-on session where you will 
get to express your own creative talents

This sample is from Creative Connections for Kids. 
To Register:  CLICK HERE

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