Saturday, January 30, 2016

Four Fantastic February Fun Activities For Pre-K, Kindergarten, and First Grade

Here Are Four Fun Ideas For February (From Day 100 & Valentine's Day to National Symbol Writing):

10 Fun Activities for Day 100:  Pick & choose or have your students do all ten activities on your 100th Day of School. 
Click the image to grab these 10 activities. 
There is a FREEBIE in the preview. 

I set this up as ten activity centers that my students rotated through all morning long. My kindergarten students got to keep track of each activity as they moved along in groups of 2 or 3 students.

It was so much FUN! You can do 1 or 2 activities in a whole group setting for pre-k or all 10 independently with your first grade students. There is a FREEBIE in the preview

American Symbol Writing:  Use these cute flag templates for writing. Pre-K can illustrate their favorite national symbol in the box at the top and then copy the name of their symbol on the lines provided. The in-between blank lines should be colored red. They should color the background of their illustration with blue. 
When these are posted on a bulletin board, they look like American flags, but when you get closer, you can see the writing and illustrations.

So cute!  
The set comes with different size lines you can have your students write more or less. My kindergarten students used this activity to practice opinion writing.

Larger lines are better for Pre-K and K.
Smaller lines allow for more writing.
They copied the name of their favorite symbol and then they wrote why they liked it.

First grade students can write more. It's also perfect for descriptive writing where students can describe their favorite American symbol. 

Valentine Descriptive Book:  This activity book makes learning about adjectives FUN!.  
Click the image to grab this cute activity. 

Pre-K students can trace the descriptive words (written in a dotted font) and then choose the construction paper heart to match each description.  Kindergarten students can create their own construction paper hearts to match the description. First grade students can also create their own hearts and they can embellish them too. 

I fold a piece of 12"X18" construction paper to create a 12"X12" pocket. The 8.5"X 5.5" description pages fit nicely on the pocket flap and the hearts fit in the pockets. 
Your students will LOVE this take-home book which they can read to their parents. 

Five Cheerful Valentines Subtraction Book:  This cute mini book demonstrates subtraction from five in a fun way.

Click the image to grab this cute subtraction book. 
Students write their friends'  names on the blank lines and then, they get to color and decorate the hearts which demonstrates subtraction by one until you are left with none. 
This is perfect for students to work on during your Valentine's Day party. 

And, if you missed the buzz that generated over 5000 hits and hundreds of downloads last month...  here is my Instant Writing method and templates that will turn every student into a writer!  

to read how this simple method can make a HUGE difference in how your students write. 
I'll see you all next month,
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Thursday, January 7, 2016

A Giveaway and a Math Freebie - It's the Place Value Love Bugs!

Hi, Teaching Friends!

'Tis the season for teaching place value, and for the 100th Day of School, and for Valentine's Day! With February being as jam-packed with events as it always is, from Groundhog Day to Chinese New Year, Heart Month, Black History Month, etc., etc., etc., it's not too early to bring out the Love Bugs yet, is it?

I thought not! ;)  These Love Bugs from Teacher's Gumbo are just too cute not to share right now!

Strengthen your students' ability to add and subtract tens from multiples of ten by connecting this skill to a math tool that they're already familiar - number bonds! Try this non-competitive activity in your math centers or for working with small groups. The children will match small numbered hearts to the multiple of ten on their number bond card.

Would you like a set of Love Bug's Number Bonds for your classroom? Just click on the cover to get yours free!

Your number bonds freebie is a sample from a larger collection of Love Bug activities for the same skill. Here's a bit of what's included.

You can see the complete set by clicking here or on the cover image.

Would you like to win a copy of Love Bug's Addition and Subtraction to use as Valentine's Day and the 100th Day approach?  Here are three ways you can enter ... and I'll be giving away three copies!

Giveaway Closed! Congratulations to Amy, Stephanie, and Margo, and thanks to all of you who entered!

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Happy Teaching!