Sunday, January 26, 2014

It's Winter Time!

Hi everyone, it is Teresa from Fun in K/1!  It is definitely Winter tine, even down here in Florida!  I am sure hoping that furry little groundhog doesn't see his shadow a week from now and Spring time is on it's way!  I can not wait for it to warm up and the time to "Spring Ahead"!

Speaking of the time springing ahead, I have a great freebie "Winter TIME" packet to share with you.  Click here to grab it.
This unit just covers time to the hour and half hour.  When I begin teaching time, I have the kiddos circle the number the hour-hand is pointing to or just passed.  I have found this helps them quite a bit.

The unit also has a few beginning elapsed time problems.  Very simple ones.  This is such a hard skill for the kids to get, I figure it can't hurt to introduce it to them now.  I casually cover this in class with comments like "I'm hungry and it is 10:40. Our lunch is at 11:40, how long until I can eat?"  I find that this helps with the "How much longer until lunch/ PE/ dismissal?" questions.  When the children ask, I make them figure it out with me.  So eventually the kids learn to do it themselves and the lazy kids who don't want to figure it out, don't ask because they know I will make them do it with me!

On a completely different tangent about time, you would not believe how long it has taken me to finish this simple post.  Let's just say I know where my daughter gets her ADHD.  (Although I could use a little more of her "H" (hyperactive) to help with my desire to exercise!)  At one point I had 8 windows open on my desktop and my laptop next to me with 2 windows open.  I am so easily distracted!!!!!!!!

Well now that I have rambled on, I will wish you a wonderful week!  We celebrate the big 100th day Friday and then the jam packed February begins!

Fun in K/1

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  1. Thanks for the cute freebie, Teresa! I'm totally with you on the ADHD thing ... sometimes I wonder how anything ever gets finished because so many are in process at one time! :)