Sunday, June 12, 2022

You Won't Believe Your Eyes!

 You Are About To Get Wowed!

WARNING: You are about to get WOWED! Watch 

this video 

to see it in action. 


Then, share it with your teacher friends, administrators, and  get 5% off.

With summer upon us, I know that school districts are down to the final weeks to order products for next school year. 

If you LOVE Alive Studios Zoo as much as I do, see if your district is ready to make Alive Studios Zoo a part of your curriculum & save 5%! 

Click the image

Alive Studios Zoo uses augmented reality to teach letters, sounds, word building, and more in a FUN and engaging way unlike anything else!  I used their products in my classroom and have seen fantastic results with my students.  

Click the image

You can save 5% off your order at with my promo code kfun, 

or by using this link:

Start yourself off with these interactive journals that work with the FREE App. That's how I got started with Alive Studios Zoo. These journals can be used independently from the entire program and will WOW your students!

Saturday, June 4, 2022

Set This Up Now for Next Year...

 How About An Entire Year for $5?

~Print only 1 page per week for 34 weeks.
~Super easy for teachers to collect & record.
~Valuable skills without the stress.
~Encourages simple interaction with family.

WIN ~~~ WIN ~~~ WIN~~~WIN!!!
And it's ON SALE this weekend for $5!

Click the image to grab a set!

Tuesday, May 17, 2022

This is the LAST WEEK to Enter for a FREE Classroom Make Over and so much more:

This is the LAST WEEK to Enter:

 Life is Sweet when you are an ESGI teacher 
because you can choose and organize your own assessments. 
Start a free ESGI trial with my promo code, KFUN,
and enter to win a CLASSROOM MAKEOVER!

Follow these 2 Easy Steps to ENTER:
  1. Start an extended free trial of ESGI (good through August 31st, 2022) using my Promo Code.
  2. Apply to the Teacher Fixer Upper using the following link. Be sure to have your ESGI Username.

Become an ESGI teacher by signing up for a FREE extended trial 

(through August 31st) 

using Promo Code KFUN at ESGI 

and you will be AUTOMATICALLY entered to win each week!   

CLICK HERE to get started with ESGI!         


Good Luck!

Sunday, April 17, 2022

The Sooner You Enter, The Better Your Chances to WIN!

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 Enter NOW & You'll be AUTOMATICALLY Entered EVERY WEEK For 6 Weeks!

ESGI and I value teachers and all you do. 
We want to make your life sweet! 
So, for the next 6 weeks, 
we have prizes and rewards to thank you! 
Check out these SWEET prizes!
  • Week 1 - Starbucks for a Month - 5 Winners
  • Week 2 - Summer Fun Basket - 2 Winners
  • Week 3 - End of Year Activity Bundle - Everyone!
  • Week 4 - Amazon Shopping Spree - 2 Winners
  • Week 5 - iPad Pro - 1 Winner
  • Week 6 - Classroom Makeover - 1 Winner
Become an ESGI teacher by signing up for a FREE extended trial 
(through August 31st
using Promo Code KFUN 
and you will be AUTOMATICALLY entered 
to win each week!
So, the sooner you enter, 
the more chances you have to win!
And, did I mention that there is 
no credit card required to sign up for your 

I'm so sure you will LOVE ESGI just as much as I do!
Just LOOK at these PRIZES:

So, what are you waiting for?
Start your FREE trial now and start winning with ESGI:
Use the Code KFUN at 
and enjoy your FREE trial through Aug. 31!

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