Thursday, July 24, 2014

Let's Learn About the World!

One of my favorite parts of teaching first grade is 

I am SO excited how it all came together, and that I can finally share it with you! 
Here's a sneak peak at what's included: 

** If you make it to the end of this long post, I promise there's a reward! 

General Continent Information 
Posters, Facts, Resources, Word Search
anda Hemisphere Project

Interactive, Informational-Text Book
Students fill in the correct answers {teacher key & student key included!}

Included For Each Continent: 
* Poster
* Resource Page
* Word Search
* 2 Crafts or Art Projects
* 2 traditional Games


The game of Ampe from Ghana & how to make an African Djembe (drum)

Snow Globes, Blubber Experiment & Postcards from Antarctica


Koala Puppets & Boomerangs! 
The Danish game of Nimbi, Monet's Water Lillies & the Italian game of Cencio Mollo

North America
Almohoditas, Totem Poles, & Stick Dice   


South America
Rainsticks, Maracas & Hit the Penny Game! 
This unit has SO much more - I simply couldn't include it all in one post! Everything can be made with super simple supplies you probably already have in your classroom! 

You can snag your own copy of It's a Small World on TpT.

Now, since you've patiently read through this entire post, here's a freebie from It's a Small World! 
I hope you come over and visit me at Lucky to Be in First! I have a fancy schmancy new blog design! 


  1. wow. such great ideas. I love this! we will definitely have to work this into our homeschool year real soon. Thanks for sharing!

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