Thursday, March 31, 2016

You Won't Believe Where I'm Off To Now!

I'm Presenting in Ontario, Canada!

I am so excited to be traveling to Canada to present at SDE's Conference for Ontario Full-Day Kindergarten Teachers in Hamilton, Ontario.  Click the green photo to see the entire brochure:
Click the image to see the entire brochure.

I'll be giving away prizes at ALL of my sessions! 
Teachers will have a chance to win one of my very favorite teaching tools, a Show And Tell Apron!

You can teach so many things with this adorable apron: letters, phonics, numbers, and even story sequence.

Sandy, the inventor/designer of this amazing apron, also makes tons of teaching cards that you can use every day with your students.

You can find the aprons by clicking HERE and tons of cards by clicking HERE.

I'll also be giving away:  a FREE YEAR of ESGI to 14 lucky teachers!

This amazing online testing site will have your students BEGGING to be tested! Seriously, they will beg you! And did I mention how much useful data this site will generate about your students? Well, it will! You can instantly see who knows each skill and, more importantly, who doesn't. Can you say, "Instant RTI?"

And you will love the instant flashcards and parent letters (in English AND Spanish).

And for anyone who does't win, and for YOU too, you can use my code to get yourself $40 off of your first year at
The code is KFUN. Just enter it when you start your 60 day FREE trial. No credit card is required to start your trial, so what are you waiting for?

I'll be presenting a Make & Take Science session where the attendees will be able to try out science experiments and create a cute life-cycle project.  This is one of the images from my presentation, but we won't be trying this one out!

Here is a picture of how I set up my assembly line for making the little kits each teacher will get. They will also get a tiny bottle of bubbles and a tube of glue to use too. 

I'm also presenting "From Re-telling Stories to Writing" and that's also a Make & Take session. Teachers will get to make my cute paper bag cottage for The Three Bears and they will see how to make a fun "re-telling" project that goes with the book Harriet Can Carry It, by Kirk Jay Mueller.

You can find this beautifully illustrated book on Amazon or by clicking HERE

Next, I'll present "Learning Centers: Keeping 'Play' In Your Busy Day" which is one of my favorite sessions. Teachers will get a link to my free classroom signs that communicate the importance of "play" in a child's day. This is how my presentation room usually looks. I like to bring a huge suitcase of samples for teachers to see and touch:

I'm also presenting "Building Academic Language and Literacy" which includes a variety of language acquisition techniques.  Here are some of the teachers who are watching a short video clip that I included in one of my sessions:

Whew! That's just April 7. On April 8, I'll begin the day with "Phonics, Sight Words, & Writing, Oh My!" I'll be sharing my Instant Writing techniques and fun sight word projects.  Click the image of the writing template to grab this set which will make EVERY child in your class a successful writer:
Click the image to grab this set of cards & writing template page. 

Then, it will be time for "Don't Wait, Early Intervention Strategies For Your Littlest Learners". Teachers will discover a new way to look at intervention and the logistics involved in creating a successful program.

My next session is also one of my favorites: "The Amazing Classroom" more than an idea a minute! Seriously, during this 75 minute session I share over 75 ideas! It's a fast-paced session that is tons of fun. 

My last session is on Close Reading. I have simplified the process for kindergarten so teachers will feel confident creating Close Reading lessons for almost any book. 

I can't wait to meet the teachers in Ontario and share my ideas with them. 
The best part is that taking my sessions to Canada will officially make me an international presenter! 

Be sure to visit this blog at the beginning of May when I'll be posting once again! 

Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Leap Right Into March With This Read Across America Idea & A Frog Freebie

How Cute is THIS For Dr. Seuss' Birthday? 

Click the image to grab this FREEBIE.

And Check out this CUTE Frog Life Cycle Set:

Screen Shot 2016-02-24 at 3.28.59 PM 

Frog Freebie

Isn't it fun to learn about slimy squishy animals? Do your preschoolers or kindergarteners know about the life cycle of one of the squishiest amphibians - the FROG? It's a quick and easy lesson to teach. There's a free, froggy resource on Educents - just print the pages and start your lesson.

Ways to use this freebie with a Pre-K or Kinder:

This free resource was created by The Multi Taskin' Mom and is available to download for free on Educents is the best place to discover new and innovative ways to keep kids excited about learning!
  • Practice handwriting & copywork
  • Reading aloud
  • Sounding out the words
  • Have fun coloring
  • Just print & goFrog Freebie Educents

More frog-themed learning resources:

Do your kiddos LOVE frogs? Check out this animation about the Frog Life Cycle, and find more frog-themed games and lessons for all ages below.
  • All About Frogs Packet - This frog bundle includes an informational slideshow, frog-themed anchor charts, rhyming word printables, number cards, writing organizer, and more (all frog-themed!!)
  • Froggy Self-Control Boardgame - Use your frog markers to move across the board and practice relaxation, self-control, and body behavior in the classroom. Students will distinguish good choices from bad choices as they leap around the board!
  • 3-D Frog Anatomy Notebook Model for Dissection - Use this 3-d paper frog model for a dissection-free frog exploration, a pre-dissection study tool, or even as a summative assessment during comparative anatomy studies!
  • Frog Learning Pack for Middle Schoolers - A frog-eriffic packet of printable notebooking pages, activities, games and more!

Check out more frog-themed resources to integrate into your lessons!

Here are some more FREEBIES for your older students or home schooling children:

Click the image to grab this FREEBIE.

Click the image to grab this FREEBIE.

FREE cursive handwriting practice sheets on @Educents #homeschooling

FREE Just Jake Novel Study Packet - quizzes, vocab, spelling & more! Download on @Educents #teachingenglish

And Remember, you can get a 60 day FREE trial for ESGI and, if you enter the code KFUN when you sign up for that free trial, you will automatically get $40 off of your favorite year if you choose to sign up.  CLICK HERE read more about ESGI.

See you all next month!