Sunday, May 4, 2014

1. FUN Assessments, 2. FUN Conference, and 3. FUN Posts Plus Two FREEBIES!

1.  Online FUN Assessments:

Kids can't wait to be tested.  They are arguing about who gets to be tested next!

My students actually BEG to be tested!  Seriously!!!  I'm NOT kidding.  
I'm not a big fan of over-testing, but the data I can get from just a few little FUN tests make testing worth while.

You can check out my post called "Where Else Can You Learn About Science While Wearing A Tiara" by clicking on the title or clicking right HERE.  This post includes lots of info about FUN testing that will help you plan instruction based on the results.

FREE 60-day Trial & Discount Code:

You can sign up with ESGI for a 60 day FREE trial.  That is perfect for this time of year because you can try it out with this year's students and sign up for next year by using my DISCOUNT CODE:  
Enter it during check out.  CLICK HERE FOR THE DIRECT LINK.  You will find all kinds of ready-made tests just waiting for you and you can create your own tests too.  Here is a link to a short video tutorial.  JUST CLICK HERE.

I have linked up with ESGI and have created tests especially for 
Transitional Kindergarten.  

Super easy, super fast, and just a click away!

2.  A FUN Conference:  I Teach K?

The BEST national kindergarten conference EVER is held in Las Vegas in July.  I will be presenting on SCIENCE, ELA, MATH & WRITING and I have a DISCOUNT Code just for you!  
Use Nat10 during check out for a discount.

Here is the link to my post about this FUN conference.  CLICK HERE.
You will find lots of helpful info there.

Here is the link to I Teach K!  Use this link to apply your code:  CLICK HERE.

Let me know if you sign up!

3.  FUN Recent Posts:

Did you catch my post on FUN subtraction using FREE paint chips from Home Depot?

When you fold these paint chips, the number of stickers subtracted disappears!
CLICK HERE for the post.

AND... here is the post about FUN & HEALTHY classroom snacks:

We are serving the dolphins at our K graduation.
  The palm trees are also great to go with Chicka-chicka-boom-boom!
CLICK HERE for the post.

AND... the post about the Mother's Day necklaces made from recycled coupons?

Paper beads are made from colorful coupons!
CLICK HERE for complete directions.


AND ALMOST LAST... Here is one of the FREEBIES I promised: Spring Calendar cards that are PERFECT for May.
These calendar cards create an ABC pattern.  :)

CLICK HERE for the download.

AND LAST... Here is a cute end-of-the-year poem to go with a candle made from your students' melted kindergarten crayons.  
Kids unwrap & break crayons to fill the jars.
Insert a birthday candle, pour paraffin on crayons
at home and away from children.

You can download the poem by clicking the image.


And...  if you want to read an article about me and a
 typical day teaching in Southern California, click

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So much clicking this month!  :)
I hope you have a GREAT month and I'll see you on June 4th.
Palma :)

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