Sunday, January 18, 2015

Martin Luther King, Jr.----Freebie!

January is the time of assessments, benchmarks, assessments, benchmarks, ugh...Does it ever end? 

So sometimes I feel as though I can't get any teaching done! Plus--we have off on MLK, Jr. day and the Tuesday and Wednesday following are teacher workdays (due to the end of the 9 weeks and report cards!). 

But despite all of the testing, I want to make sure I can at least touch base on why this day is so important and talk about MLK's dream and the legacy he left. With teaching kinders, I definitely have to put it on their level, but they get it.

Of course, while we are learning about MLK, Jr., we talk a lot about what his dream was. I talk to the kiddos I work with and explain that I wouldn't be able to be their teacher wayyy back when or even now if things had not changed because of leaders like MLK, Jr. (They are shocked about this...)

So we begin to discuss what his dream was and how things have changed and what else could change. I always ask the kiddos what their dreams might be because even in kindergarten they have one!

I thought about how some of my kiddos who struggle with writing could show their dream and of course that's to draw a picture. I created this little freebie for you that will allow for each student to depict their thoughts and dreams in writing or drawing. 



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