Friday, December 4, 2015

What happens in New Hampshire...

... clearly doesn't stay in New Hampshire!

I'm here in beautiful Nashua, New Hampshire at The New England Pre-Kindergarten and Kindergarten Conference!   So, what's not staying in New Hampshire???
If you didn't get the handout, scroll down to the bottom.

I have been giving things away! Like a FREE year to ESGI. What is ESGI, you ask?
Well, it's the one thing that saved me umpteen hours every year when it came to testing students and analyzing data. And my students LOVED it so much that they often begged me to test them! Really!
Click the image to go to ESGI's website.

They loved looking at the screen and telling me the names of the letters, the sounds. the names of numbers, and the sight words, just to name a few.

All I had to do was click "yes" or "no" and I was done!

Then there is the data, lots of useful data! There are bar graphs that allow you to click on the green portion to see exactly who has mastered each skill.  More importantly, if you click on the grey portion, you see exactly who has NOT mastered each skill. And there you have it: your R.T.I.  

Let's not forget the individualized flash cards you can print for each child and the parent letter (in English and Spanish) that clearly shows the skills their child has mastered and the skills their child has not mastered yet. 

Sample parent letter. 

I also love that I can view raw scores from the beginning of the year pre-test to a score for each trimester so I can clearly see growth over time. And we can view scores based on each teacher's class.

And did I mention that you can even schedule parent conferences on ESGI? Well, you can!
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If you didn't get to attend this wonderful New England conference and win a year of ESGI, don't worry. You can still try it out for FREE for 60 days!  You will want to enter the code KFUN while requesting your 60 day trial so you will qualify for the $40 discount should you decide to enroll for your first year. Don't worry, they won't do anything tricky like automatic enrollment. This is a great company which was founded by a kindergarten teacher and managed by a super friendly and knowledgable staff who is always ready to help.

Click the image.

 I also got to wear my tutu apron wherever I went! Even in the hotel elevator where I scared a man.
Yep, I was rushing onto the elevator in my bright pink tutu apron and this man actually jumped backwards when he saw me coming. I just smiled and said, "Don't judge, I'm presenting at a conference." He replied (kind of slowly), "To who?"  I told him I was presenting to kindergarten teachers and he just say, "Ohhhhhhhhh," and stepped off of the elevator!.

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