Monday, December 28, 2020

YOU Win & So Do Kids...

 ... With a FREE Book!

Start a free 90-day trial of ESGI, and ESGI will take it from there! (No credit card required)
With every ESGI trial, we will make a donation to support their Read in Color program. Read in Color aims to help distribute books that share different perspectives on race and social justice, as well as literature by BIPOC and LGBTQ authors.
to get started!

You win with all of this:
  1. You will receive ESGI FREE for 90 days
  2. You will save $50 off your first year when you purchase
  3. ESGI will donate $8 towards Little Free Library Read in Color Program
  4. Use the following link to get started:
ESGI is your PreK - 2nd grade At-home and At-school progress monitoring solution!
  • Inform instruction with real-time data
  • Access thousands of 1-on-1 assessments
  • Personalize parent communications
I know you will LOVE using ESGI and so will your students!

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