Wednesday, December 1, 2021

Day 1 of My 12 Days of Christmas

Start & End the Month With This Question:

All of these CUTE graphics are from DJ Inkers and...
            they are having a huge SALE right now!  
                           CLICK HERE to see their sale.
Click the image above. 

 I start every unit with an opinion graph. Then, we end the unit with the same graph to see if your opinion changed.

My holiday unit starts with this question and I use these icons to create a class graph. Students add their photo or just their name on the graph. Here are the icons. The sign and the set of icons is only $1. 


This is also a GREAT way to get students to 
write an opinion piece. 
They get to explain WHY they chose that character. 
CLICK THE IMAGE to grab this writing set.

At the end of the unit, we also had them 
choose again 
and most students had changed their mind!

To make this even more fun, 
I have a reindeer antler headband,
a huge gingerbread man cut-out
(where they hold it up & look through the hole for the face),
an elf apron & cap, 
and a snowman cut-out.

So I was able to take their photo all dressed up and attach it to their writing. 

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