Monday, July 8, 2013

Fun with Phonics

I thought I would share something fun with Phonics with you all today.  The first one is actually new on my blog.  Years ago I made Flip Books out of Index cards to help my struggling students practice CVC words. Each column had a different letter of the alphabet starting with a going all the way to z.  I did the vowels in red so they would stand out.  This also worked perfectly to practice nonsense words to make sure students knew the vowel sound!

I would also like to share with you my Phonics Football Blast freebie.  This game has a fun twist to it.  After students read the CVC or CVCe word they pick as many footballs as they want for points.  They must be careful as if they pick a 0 they lose all points from all rounds!  Click the picture to pick it up in my TPT store.  If you download it, I would appreciate some kind feedback.

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See you again in August!

Brian :-)

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