Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Techie Tips Tuesday

One of the many things that I love about the blogging world is that fellow teachers are always willing to share tips to help those of us newbies to not only blogging but TPT product creation.  I will admit I have been a teaching blog addict for several years and have just recently been brave enough to try it myself.  Today I wanted to share a few videos that I have found very helpful along the way:)

First I was very excited when I discovered how to get rid of that annoying security box for comments that I did not even know existed!  I actually thought it was a security feature that people added to their comments.  Silly me!   I very rarely have spam comments slip through even though it is deactivated.  Maria from Kindergarten Craze has a very helpful.  Click the picture below or website link to read this post.

I just learned this little tidbit recently and used it for the first time yesterday.  I will be honest that I haven't been adding a preview to my TPT items because I feel lucky enough to finish my product and get it posted.   I run out of steam to do the preview although as a buyer I use the preview option a ton.  When I discovered this post from Ideas by Jivey and Mrs. Dwyer's A+ Firsties I was totally pumped!  This post references how to use a free program Picasa to create a product collage within minutes!! 
 Here is a what I created yesterday for my latest product update. 
I definitely look forward to playing around with this tool.

Another thing that I have struggled with is adding horizontal and vertical pages to the same product.  It is definitely one of my biggest frustrations with Powerpoint because there are times that I want both a horizontal and vertical pages in my creation.  I don't know about you guys!  

I was super excited when Erica Bohrer made this tech video explaining how to do this and it is soooo easy.  The bad news is it is a video for Mac users only (which I am).  I am not sure how to do this on a PC:(  Sorry!

I was THRILLED to be able have a vertical and horizontal page for this sort.
My border got all distorted when I tried to do it horizontally.

I get totally excited when I pick up a new tidbit of information and I feel so fortunate that those who have come before me are so graciously willing to share their knowledge!!  I love to create and want to have the best product possible and any new knowledge helps.

Other blogs to check out for tech tips are:
Ashley Hughes from:

Jessica Stanford from Mrs. Stanford's Class

Christi Fultz from Ms. Fultz's Corner actually has created her own collection of techie Youtube videos!!  I have utilized videos from all three of these ladies and found them really beneficial.  I hope that you do too!

Hopefully you have gained your own tidbit of knowledge from this post:)
Any thoughts, comments or suggestions are welcome!

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  1. I needed this advice so much! Thank you, thank you!!! I am saving this post so I can revisit it when I'm working on my next project. THANK YOU!!!! :)