Thursday, September 5, 2013

Scoot On Over for This Free Scoot Game!

Hi, Teaching Friends!

Welcome back for my first official post of the 2013-14 School Year here at Teaching Blog Roundup!
I hope this will be a wonderful and productive year for all of you!!

Are you a fan of Scoot games? They're a fun, active, and fast-paced game for students, a great way to review without worksheets, and even an opportunity for you to do a bit of on-the-go assessment! In addition to checking on student answers on the recording sheet, just think of all the informal observation you can do, especially as far as listening skills and following directions!

I think most primary grade teachers have already enjoyed playing Scoot, but just in case you've never played, here's a video from YouTube that will give you an idea of what it's all about. This will actually link you to Pinterest, because after wading through endless videos about a game called Scoot that's apparently played on scooters :) , I couldn't find the original school version at YouTube. Sorry! The Pinterest link should work fine, 'though. 

One great idea that I got from the video was to use stop/start music during the game, making it kind of like musical chairs. I never tried it that way, but the kids in the video sure seemed happy with it. Also, I'd highly recommend a simpler desk set-up for the game. The teacher in the video was quite brave to attempt Scoot with that formation, especially with students who had never played before!With the little ones, it will be well worth the effort (and save your sanity!) to set up your desks in a circle or square, or even to set up your cards around the edge of a large rug.

Have you ever tried turning your Scoot cards into a Read the Room center activity? Just set up the cards in various places around your classroom, supply blank answer sheets in your center, and ... scoot! Don't you just love to get more "mileage" from an activity, after all that printing, laminating, and cutting?

Come on over to my blog at Primary Inspiration for a free Scoot game! This one has your students unscrambling letters to practice reading and writing words that have spelling patterns for long a.  Enjoy!

Stop by my Teachers Pay Teachers store to see a set of ELA Scoot games. It's a "growing resource", so if you buy it at the current price, you'll be able to download all future updates at no charge... and believe me, I've got plans for lots more games to be included in this set!

Happy Teaching!


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