Monday, September 16, 2013

Using Unifix Cubes

Unifix cubes are so much fun.
I love to use them in the classroom because they are both multi-purposeful and super simple to pull out.
Today, I want to show you just a few of my favorite ways to use them!

You can use them as building blocks, to make name patterns, to make units of ten and ones, measurement, fractions, graphing, addition/subtraction operations, and so much more.

Part-Part-Whole Mat+Unifix Cubes:

You can grab these fun plates at the grocery store!
Look how Lacey uses them!

Addition Problems with Unifix Cubes:

You can also illustrate subtraction problems, multiplication+division problems, and story problems!

Place Value with Unifix Cubes:

I created the place value mat by laminating two pieces of construction paper together.
Easy easy!

Patterning with Numbers on Unifix Cubes:

With the Common Core and the TEKS, there is more of a focus on patterns in number. 
You can still use your good ol' unifix cubes, though!
Use dry erase marker to write on the cubes--wipes right off.

Measurement Race with Unifix Cubes:

With a pile of unifix cubes in between them, two students race to see who can connect the most unifix cubes. They are timed (30 seconds-ish) and can only pick up one cube at a time. 
If you want to make it less of a competition, have the students try to beat their previous number!
Kiddos love this!

How do you use unifix cubes in your classroom? 
I'd love to know!


I also want to take some time to honor the men and women serving our country. 

We are so blessed by their sacrifice and willingness to serve!

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