Sunday, November 3, 2013

Making Contractions Have Action!

A while back my second graders' book ended with a contraction activity.  The worksheet for the book was blah, so I took it one step forward.  I had the students create their own contraction flashcards.  After locating all of the contractions in the book and reading them together, they worked to create the cards.

I used sentence strips I had gotten from the Dollar Tree, but you can can use any sentence strip and cut them to size.  You could also use paint sample cards from any hardware store.

The students then wrote the given contraction on the lined card and folded it over just the contraction part.

After folding it over, they wrote the second word of the contraction on the outside of the card.
 Here is the final product.  I don't know which was more fun for them, making the cards or using my Sharpies!  All that matters is that they had fun and learned something.  

Making learning fun and engaging helps students really understand what they are doing.  This is an activity I will use over and over again!  

Here's to some fun learning!


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