Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Vocabulary Predict and Check Freebie

I can't believe it is December already!  This is one of my favorite times of years because I love to read aloud so many books to my students and do such fun activities.  This year will be no different!

When I read aloud to my students or a book with my students, I sometimes find that they don't always understand the words in the story.  Before we read, I have a super easy activity that we work together to complete.  It is called Vocabulary Predict and Check. 

I give students a list of words that they may have trouble with or may not know the meanings.  I do make sure that there are plenty of clues somewhere in the book to help them try to figure out what the words mean.  The students then write what their predicted definition in the first box. 

While reading the book, the students try to figure out what the word means by writing down clue words or ideas from the book.  Then they either work with the teacher to create a kid friendly definition or write the correct definition from the dictionary or glossary.

Just think about the story The Night Before Christmas.  There are so many rich words in the book that many students do not know but are important to the story.  I would list words such as:  nestled, snug, tarnished, and peddler.  Then the students would complete the rest of the activity on their own, in groups, or as a class.

And I have included an editable version just for you!  It is a simple PowerPoint file that you can type the words in for the students or complete it together on an interactive whiteboard.  Just click {here} or on the picture below to grab your own copy from my Teachers Pay Teachers store.
Hope this helps you as you teach vocabulary and context clues!

What fun Christmas books do you use that have great vocabulary?  Head on over to my blog during the month of December for a fun holiday Book Talk Thursday linky!  I will showcase a Christmas/holiday book each week, and you can link up one too!  See you there!

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