Sunday, January 12, 2014

Flintstone or Jetson {plus a FREEBIE!}

When I first started teaching, I scooped up a couple of Walkmans and went to the freebie table in our staff lounge (a cemetery where old teacher crap goes to die until the custodian has a proper dumpster funeral) to score some books on tape. I think I found 6 tapes and maybe 3 had the books to go with them. Fast forward 5 years later and after patiently teaching 7 year olds how to use a Walkman (apparently it's a generational thing) year after year, I decided to update the listening center.  I brought in my own iPod touch daily already (to listen to the Storytown weekly text every Tuesday), so I figured that would work. I bought some earphones with individual volume adjusters (yay!) from Lakeshore,
  a headphone splitter (if you don't already own one of these bad to the store and get one for about $10),

and about 15 iTunes audio books that I already had at least 5 copies of. Ta-da! Modern listening center.

After students have listened to/read their book, they complete a journal entry in their Reading Journal (I have 4 different versions of Reading Journal packets for the various levels you would find in a 2nd grade class--DRA A-28).  You can find these in my store by clicking below (this first one is a FREEBIE!).
What does your listening center consist of? Do you have a Fred Flintstone (old) or a George Jetson (new) center?

Before I go, I just updated my Iditarod activities and even added a huge Alaska clipart bundle to my store. Click below to check them out!

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