Wednesday, January 1, 2014

FLASH!! Camera Words system...FREEBIE!

Happy New Year!
I'm Amy from Happy Teacher Heaven.
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I'm so excited to share a little bit about the way I manage sight word progress in my classroom.  You may or may not know that I teach half-day kindergarten, so time is a HUGE concern for me!  I was feeling frustrated because I just couldn't keep up with monitoring my students' sight word progress.  I knew I needed a system.  But, it had to be efficient and streamlined - or it would never work for me!  So, I got to work and created...

My students and I call sight words “Camera Words” because students should recognize them 'in a FLASH'!!

With this Sight Word Folder System, I have been able to track and monitor the progress of ALL students with just a few minutes a day! My kids have made incredible progress and have been SO PROUD of themselves! This program makes the task of learning sight words manageable, meaningful, and FUN!! 

This program breaks down the most common sight words (Dolch words) into weekly word lists, with review lists and a final list included. Easy to use forms for Assessment and Progress Monitoring are included! This program is DIFFERENTIATED because students can make progress at their own pace! The bundle includes the Pre-Primer, Primer, and 1st Grade word sets.

I designed this program ito be used as “folder”, which makes School-Home communication a snap!   However, the folder system WORKS even if you don't have parent support at home! It will make it quick and easy for you to differentiate your word work activities and provide very targeted practice for students at school.  

I've noticed that there are some tricky sight words that many of my students still trip over while reading.  I created this "FLASH!" Mixed-Up Sight Word game for my students to use when we return from winter break.  I love how interactive it is and I think my students will love the novelty of the mixed up letters!  (And word building activities are always a favorite!) 

Those first few days back to school after winter break are always the toughest!
I created this activity to get my students up and moving while reviewing their sight words.

I  plan to attach each camera to a solo cup.  (I just used scotch tape on the back).  I put the corresponding word strips inside the cup - enough for each student in my class.  I will provide a recording sheet for each child.  Students will move around the room, stopping at each camera to build the word using the word strips.  Then, they can color the camera to match the card and either write the word or paste the letter cards next to the camera.  Easy, fun, and interactive!  :)

I hope you enjoy these last few days of winter break!


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