Monday, February 3, 2014

Fun with Stamps in Kindergarten {Freebie}

Happy Monday!

Working with kindergarteners is one of my biggest challenges because I have to be on my toes all.the.time!  One of my favorite activities to do with them is using stamps for many activities.  They will actually work quietly for a few minutes when I give them stamps to "play with".

I always start with letting them stamp out their names, so I can get their names on their papers. {When I took this picture earlier in the year, this student didn't do a good job with her name.  We were lucky to get the first letter on her paper!  She did finally get her name on her paper after I showed her the letters, but she couldn't find the stampers to do it.}  Then we work on letters that they have learned throughout the year.  I call out a letter, and they have to find the letter to stamp on the paper.

Now that the students have learned most of the letters in the alphabet, it is time for some real stamping fun!  I created this simple page to help students focus on matching upper to lower case letters with stamps.  If you don't have stamps, you can have the students write the letters in the boxes.  The possibilities are limitless!
Click {here} or on the pictures above to grab your freebies.

I really enjoy watching my kindergarten students as they learn the basics of reading!  They make such huge gains, and I love the smile on their faces when they tell me that they can read! Now that is real teaching!

What do you do to make learning fun and exciting?

Have a super fun week!
Classroom Freebies Manic Monday

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