Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Math Facts Freebie ... with a Valentines Twist!

Hello, Teaching Friends!

I hope you're all enjoying this busy month of February in school... that is, those of you who've had enough cold-and-snow-free days to have even been in school yet this month!! Pretty crazy winter, isn't it? Here in New Jersey, we've had some wickedly cold days and a few snowfalls, but nothing compared to what so many of you are going through. Our older daughter is vacationing right now in San Diego ... now, those are some people who know how to have a winter!

Well, in spite of the weather, somehow you're just going to have to squeeze in all those celebrations, aren't you? Because February is just plain fun in school!

At the top of the list, of course, (vying for attention with the 100th Day, for those of you celebrating this month!), is the Lovey-Dovey 14th. So when I started to prepare a freebie for you this month which would satisfy the need for lots of hearts and lots of learning at the same time, I came up with using the number 14. I made a set of two games and sprinkled hearts and pinkness all over them.

And then I completely changed my mind. After all, why limit the use to one day, or even one month?

So, here's what I ended up with: I kept it centered on "14", but everything else has changed!

With this free resource, your students will evaluate number models like the ones you see above to determine whether they're less than, equal to, or greater than 14. See? There's that Valentine touch I promised you! :)

Pop on over to my Teachers Pay Teachers store to download this freebie! I hope you'll find that it's two levels will make it something you can all use! Please send me a bit of Valentines Day love by rating it there, if you have a moment! Thanks!
If you're a teeny bit disappointed that there are no hearts and cupids on this freebie, here are links to a few much more PINK ones at my blog. Click on any picture to see it, and enjoy! Happy Hearts Day!
A partner game for adding doubles,
...and a game for short vowel words with digraphs.
Happy February Teaching! See you next month!


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