Tuesday, June 17, 2014

All About Me Book

I know that is only June, but I can't help thinking about back to school time.  It always sneaks up on me pretty fast so I plan on being ready this year.

One way I am getting ready is by preparing my All About Me book.  I like to use this book at the beginning of the year so I can get to know my students and they can get to know each other.

It has simple text and blank space for the students to create their own pictures.  Students just fill in the blank on each page.  Some students at the beginning of the year just scribble and others are able to write some letters to complete the text.  It doesn't matter, they each write what they can.  

Once all my students have completed their book then we share the books with the class with my help, of course.  I either read the words and the students tell about the pictures or I let the students try to read the words if they would like.  The text is pretty simple so most of the students choose to read it themselves with a  little guidance from me.

The students love getting to share their work with the class and it promotes a feeling of community within our classroom to see everyone's work and get to the know the class better.  

If you would like to grab this book for FREE, just click {here} to download it.  Please consider leaving feedback if you download the book.

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