Wednesday, June 18, 2014

I'm Going on a Trip--Writing Activity

Hey everyone! It's Nicki from Mrs. Thigpen's Kindergarten. 

School is out here for us (finally) so now I feel like I can blog and create and stalk (I!!! The last month of school is completely insane...busy with assessments, fun/field days, keeping the kids busy, you name it.

I know I teach the young ones and a lot of you teach older students so I wanted to offer up something that all of us could use. Writing is such a big focus and sometimes (ok, most days) our students sigh heavily when you mention that it is time for writing. 

Well since school will be starting back before we know it (ahem…I try not to think of that…) what better way to get your students to write than to write about what they did for summer vacation.

Brainstorm with your students about a particular vacation that either you have been on, something they have done, or maybe a trip that someone they know has taken. Discuss the Who, What, How, Why, and Where of this particular trip. 

If you teach in an area like I do, many of my students have not and very possibly will never, go on vacation. So this activity can be done like a research activity as well. Provide various places or have students brainstorm places that they would LOVE to visit (Disney World, the beach, etc.) Then have the students research these places and again answer the Who, What, Why, How and Where questions.

I hope that you are able to use this freebie in your classroom. I think writing is one of the most important concepts we need to teach, but why keep it boring!

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