Tuesday, August 12, 2014

fresh freebies for fall

Where did the summer go?! My first day back is on Friday, but our first day with kids in next Wednesday...a whole new crop of kiddos!  I can't wait!  That's one part about this job that I really love...getting to know 20+ new kids each year :)

Really quickly before we get started, I'm having a giveaway! Click below to enter at my blog!
I created these Back to School Math and Literacy Centers!  If you're like me, you end up having to do a ton of 1-1 assessments with your students right away (i.e. "Did your teacher last year really mark you at that reading level?! I need to verify this for myself....") and need the rest of your class to sit down and shut up be occupied so you can quickly and quietly get things done. Enter my new lifesaver:

Last year, the random holiday/assessment times I pulled out centers (we mainly stick to our reading program), I figured out that I prefer binders over tubs/buckets/whathaveyou.  I just stick the master in the clear front pocket and the rest inside (sometimes I remembered to hole punch on the copier, other times I just stuck them in the pocket part of the binder).  If the center had cards or other parts, I put them in ziplocs or in a binder zipper pouch.

Here's an example of what I mean (using these Iditarod centers):

I used my Teacher Binder Essentials all year last year and looooved it! I think I'll be binding it at OfficeMax this year (have you ever done this? let me know how it went!):

If you haven't seen my classroom remodel from last year where I used this Chalkboard decor and first day set up using play-doh, check it out here!

And a FREEBIE roundup! Click below to grab these goodies that are perfect for back to school! Some of these are new, and some are just updated :) 

PLEASE BE KIND AND TIP YOUR SERVER LEAVE FEEDBACK...I worked hard on all of these and really appreciate you taking the time!

And in case you're in the market for clipart...here are some fall bundles you might be interested in!

Happy shopping friends!

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