Tuesday, August 26, 2014

My Just Right Book

Hi everyone!  It is Teresa Phillips from Fun in K/1 and Technology with Class.  I teach 1st grade in Florida, I am in my second week with kiddos.  I did one of my all-time favorite lessons about how to pick out "just right" books.  This idea came from the book "Comprehension Connections."  (If you haven't read this, I highly recommend it.  Great book for a book study!)
Here is how I set it up...  One of my shoes break during the day.  (OK the strap really comes undone.)  Then I "call" my dear husband and ask him to bring me a new pair of shoes.  About 15 minutes later someone from the front office delivers a large bag of shoes to me.  (I brought a bag of assorted shoes in and set up the delivery.)  Then I sit down with the class to go through the bag of shoes my husband brought me.  He is really BAD at picking out shoes!  As I pull out the shoes one pair at a time, we discuss why they aren's a good fit for me.
I have a pair of tiny kid shoes, way to small for me but just right for the child they belong to.

A pair of my husbands shoes that are way to big for me but just right for him.

I also have a pair of my daughters dance shoes, they fit but are a little tight.  Still, they are not right for me, I don't know how to tap dance!

There is also a pair of really sparkly, light up Sketchers that all of the cool kids are wearing!  However,even though I like them,  these shoes are too small for me.

Finally, a pair of my shoes and they fit!  Only problem is they are high-heeled dress shoes with rhinestones.  They don't really work for the purpose of school.

Ahhh.... my faithful flip-flops! I LOVE these well worn flip-flops but, they aren't right for school.  They offer no support for me.

Then at the bottom of the bag I finally find my "just right" shoes!  They fit me, support my foot and match!

The kids love this lesson and think my hubby is completely crazy!  Then I proceed to talk about how finding the the right book is just like finding the right shoes.  I also go over the "I PICK" strategy for picking books.

Here is a great follow up activity I then do with the kids.  They have to take this sheet and look in my library to find their own "just right" and "not a good fit" books.  I thought I would share it with you!  Click here to download it.


  1. What a fantastic lesson for the concept of a just right book! Thank you so much for sharing!

  2. This is perfect - thank you for sharing this! It will be put to great use very soon :)

  3. What a clever idea, Teresa! Thanks for sharing!