Thursday, September 4, 2014

Back-To-School Tips & FREEBIES

First The Tips:

Change the word you call out as the line walks through the doorway.  
Display your sight words all year long on die-cut hands placed low enough so your students can slap them when asked to, like when you are lining up and walking out the door.  I call out random sight words and the students have to slap that word.  You can see the blogpost about these by clicking HERE.

Dry-Erase Work Space:

The little cups hold mini dry-erase markers and mini erasers.

These are so easy to make.  Just laminate colored construction paper and attach lined dry-erase contact paper to each placemat at your small group table.  You can help students by writing with a dry-erase marker right on the contact paper and they can write on it too.  You can write a word or phrase for them to copy or they can just practice writing letters or numbers.  We use ours every day.  You can get lined dry-erase paper online or in educational supply stores.  You can view the blogpost about these by clicking Right Here.

Students love to use these floor easels.

They help students write letters from the top down.  It's almost impossible to write them from the bottom up when using a wide 3-ring binder as a floor easel.  My students grab an empty floor easel an use them to write in their daily journals.  No more letters starting from the bottom!  You can view the blog post about these HERE.

The Freebies:

Click the image to grab your FREEBIE.

I especially like to use them for Back-To-School Night, but I also put them out for my parent volunteers to wear while working in our classroom.  I just updated them to include badges with photos and without photos.  Just print out the "no photo" version and set them out for your parents to fill in and wear.  Now I always know exactly who I am talking to!  

Click the image to grab your FREEBIE.

Just print, set it out with Post-its on each apple.  You write down the items you need for your classroom on each Post-it and on the apple it is covering. Parents grab a Post-it and sign their name to the apple it was covering so you know who will be bringing in the donation.  You get the things you need for your classroom and parents get a reminder note.  (If you have apple-shaped Post-its, use them for this chart.)

We keep our crayons organized with these two Crayon Box Organizers:
Click the image to grab your FREEBIE.

Just print, cut out, glue into crayon boxes (there are 2 sizes, one for 8-count jumbo crayons and one for 8-count regular sized crayons), and your students' crayons are organized.  Best of all, they can quickly see if they are missing any crayons and which color(s) they are missing.  

I have 12 more FREEBIES in my TPT store, so check them out by clicking HERE.

You Might also like to start the year with:

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