Wednesday, September 24, 2014

I'm Done...Now What?

Isn't it crazy that we've been in school for over a month already? Where is time going!? I'm excited that my kiddos are finally learning our important routines! {However, we are still mastering where library books GO!} 

I forget every year the varying abilities within the classroom! Some kids finish in a flash and other kids are daydreaming and picking their nose...and NOT getting their work done :) So, to help keep my early finishers on task, I use the B.A.T. Book {available K-2} These books are filled with common core activities that stretch your kids to think a bit more! 

To mix things up a little bit, I started to make monthly B.A.T. Books for 1st grade!
lucky to be in first
Here's a peek at some of the activities in use! 
I even caught one of my nephew's working on the B.A.T. Book on his own during the summer! 
 If you're not familiar with the B.A.T. Book, it' stands for Brain Always Thinking book! You can read more about it {here} To make, you simply photocopy the pages and staple it together.  Whenever the kids have a free minute, they pull out their B.A.T. Book and work on a common core skill in a fun way!
lucky to be in first
I plan to use the original B.A.T. in my classroom and the monthly books, too! Check out the September B.A.T. Book {here
B.A.T. Book
I also worked like a busy bee over the weekend to finish up the October B.A.T. Book so you can prep it before the new month! 
 Here's a peek at a few of my favorite activities! 
Want to check out what the B.A.T. Book is? Click {here} for a FREEBIE to see if it would work in your classroom! As always, I'd love your feedback!
lucky to be in first
Have an awesome month! 

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