Friday, October 24, 2014

A Very Vowel Week!

Happy Friday Folks!

We are working like crazy to master the good 'ol short vowels! Anyone else? Each week we work on a vowel, we read these poems aloud in all sorts of silly voices! 
I've been using these poems since my very first year.  I cannot take credit for writing them - I just cutsied them up! Share the source if you know, please! 

Want a copy? Head over to my Facebook page and click on the Fan Freebies tab! They're waiting in that little folder for you {along with a few other goodies!}

This week, we also mixed up our short vowel practice with a new activity!
We became Super Vowel Sleuths! My awesome team partner Lisa shared this idea and I whipped up this FREEBIE to share with you!

Together, we generated a list of short e words. Then, the students selected one of those words {or any other short e word they wanted to use} 
Super Sleuth Freebie Super Sleuth Freebie
They wrote 3 clues about this short vowel word. Inside, they drew a picture of their mystery word. 
short vowel freebie short vowel freebie
It was a nice change to our normal vowel practice and I was able to slip in some writing, too! 
The kids had a blast walking around the classroom sharing their clues and making guesses at the mystery words! 
short vowel freebie short vowel freebie
Have a great weekend! 

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