Sunday, October 5, 2014

Let's Go to the Pumpkin Farm! (and Bring Home a Math Freebie!)

Hi, Teaching Friends!

Little kids + pumpkin picking = autumn magic!

Do you take your class to the pumpkin patch? What an amazing way to help your students connect with nature and get a close up view of seasonal changes. Lots of farms now have hayrides, honeybees, cornfields, and even animals, like this little {BIG!!} cutie who lives at the pumpkin farm we love, Argos Farm in Lacey Township, NJ.

Class trips are a blast for our kids, and that's not even counting the ride on the school bus! But for us as teachers, there's always that dreaded time when you get back to school and everybody's gone to the restrooms, come back, had a snack, you've read them a book, and ... it's still a loooong time before the end-of-day bell is going to ring. Teaching? Not so easy, considering the kids are going bonkers and your energy is completely gone!

Try this.

As you see, these two color-by-the-code activities are part of "Our Trip to the Pumpkin Farm", a set of  22 literacy, math, and pumpkin patch fun activities for PreK-2. Everything you'll need to keep
everybody happy (you, too!) both before and after your pumpkin patch adventure.

Do you know someone who owns a pumpkin farm? I can customize this set for you like I did for Argos Farm, where every teacher who visits with his or her class will get the set free! Farm name, logo, coupons, map, whatever you need!

Do you have any great tricks to share for how to fill that "dead time" when you get back early from a field trip?

Have a great October! Happy Teaching!

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  1. We're going next week, so these are very timely. Thanks!
    Always Primary

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