Sunday, July 5, 2015

Celebrate Shark Week with a Math Freebie!

Hi, Teaching Friends!

Ah, summer! Relaxing on the beach, gathering pretty shells, eating sandwiches with real sand in them, ...doesn't get much better than this, right?  Wait, what's that I hear?  Duh-dum. Duh-dum. What, already?  Yes!!! It's time for Shark Week on the Discovery Channel!

Whether you're in it for the facts or the drama, here's an article in the National Post with a slant that will make you think twice about what you'll see if you tune in this week.

It's hard to ignore the fascination kids have with sharks, so here's one way to take advantage of that!

This Forever Free download is really just a simple set of shark-themed number cards. The bonus is that a list of directions for eight shark-themed math games is also included!

Now, I had some fun going a bit overboard with the shark puns when I was naming these games. Get ready to roll your eyes ... 

* Shark Sighting
* One, Two, Three, Flip!
* Treasures of the Sea
* Sharks Alive, It's All About Five!
* Fin It to Win It!
* Belly Up
* A Shark's Place
* Everybody Out of the Water!

Can't say I didn't warn you about the puns!

Click here or on the cover to download!
But don't go away just yet!

Hop on over to my Primary Inspiration blog, where you can get on the trail of the Shark Week Blog Hop, the source of enough jawesome shark freebies to sink a ship! 'Twould be deadly to miss it. (Last Shark Week pun. Really.)

Happy Teaching!


  1. Linda, I love what you do and I'm excited to share it on Teach Junkie!
    - Leslie

    1. I was so excited to see it on TeachJunkie today, Leslie!! Thanks for the share!