Monday, August 3, 2015

My 4 Favorite Back To School Products

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Now, Here Are My Four Favorite Things:                                  #1 Heidi's Songs:

I love anything and everything from Heidi's Songs, but my favorites are her sight word songs and her new math songs. 
Click on the image.

My students loved sining Heidi's sight word songs, especially while walking to the library, the computer lab, the science lab, music class, or even lunch. Why not make the most of that time?
Click the image.

I just make sight word cards, laminated them, and attached tongue depressors. As we walked from place to place, I just held a card above my head facing the line of children and they would break into song! 

You can grab her songs by clicking HERE or on any of the images about her songs.

#2 My Show & Tell Apron:

Click on the image.
These amazing aprons come in so many colors that there is one (or more) to match your personal colors or your classroom colors. 
Click on the image.

My newest tutu apron just makes me smile! Imagine picking up your class wearing this! 

Click on the image.

It's super interactive too. You can have kids place cards in the pockets, you can ask students to name the cards in the pockets, or you can even do a little song & dance with the story telling cards. 
Here is Sandy, the creator of these amazing aprons, demonstrating how to sing her
3 Bears Song with her story telling cards. 

I have 3 different apron and I use every one of them. They even make a child size apron so your kids can have fun being the teacher!

#3 Is My Collection of Sit Spots:

Whether I'm creating a spot for each child to sit or identifying my centers by colors or shapes, my Sit Spots help me out. They are adorable cut outs made from colorful Velcro. 
Click on the image.
Here they identify the "Purple" centers.

Here I used them to manage the electrical cords. 
You can say, "Good-bye," to your dirty rainbow rug and replace it with Sit Spots. You can even write your students' names on them!
You can see the Sit Spots here with the students' names on them. 

If you write letters, numbers, or sight words on the spots you can create games like a bean bag toss onto specific sight words or onto numbers or letters in order.

I LOVE the green footprints for Saint Patrick's Day, but they can be used to direct traffic patterns and identify places to stand while in line. 
The leprechaun has been here!

#4 ESGI for All of My Assessments:

Now is the perfect time to get started with ESGI. It will save you more hours than you can count!
Click the image.

It allows you to assess your students by using the build-in assessments or you can even create your own custom assessments! The data is amazing. You can instantly see how your class or an individual student is doing on every single skill.
Click the image.
Use code B2174.

Quick and easy intervention groups too. Just click on the gray portion of the bar graphs and you can instantly see which students did not pass each skill.
Click the image.

Print custom flashcards for each students to use in your RTI kits or send home for practice. 
Click the image.

And the parent letter is so much easier to understand than almost any report card. I staple it to the top of our report cards. Best of all, they come in English or Spanish. 
Click the image.

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What's Your Favorite B 2 School Product?

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