Friday, September 4, 2015

3 Ways To Prepare For A GREAT Year + A SECRET FREEBIE

Here are my favorite 3:

These tips are amazing!

1. Set up easy-peasie assessments: 
My students actually BEG to be tested because ESGI lets you use your computer, tablet, or even your phone to assess students.

I set up my assessments using ESGI. It's fast, easy, and give you oh, so much great data that will make your admin so happy all while guiding your instruction! If you click on the gray area, you can see which students have not mastered each skill!

Check out these parent letters (they come in English and Spanish) 
that tell parents exactly what their child knows and doesn't know!

And the flashcards you can create for each child are perfect to send home and also use for in-class intervention!

You can use their built-in assessments or create your own. Check out the videos on ESGI's site to learn more.
(Try this FREE for 60 days and if you like it, use the code B2174 for $40 off.)

2. Set up Simply Circle to enhance all of your communications with parents. 

Click HERE to see my post about this easy to use tool that will allow you to easily communicate with parents and cut down on the amount of paper you use to send home flyers.

3. Prepare a few things for an entire year like your monthly writing prompts. Run off a class set of each prompt for the entire year and you are good to go! These prompt are seasonal and integrate science, social studies, and seasonal activities throughout the year!

And here is a FREEBIE that I have not made public yet. For now, it's just for YOU:

I'll see you all next month!

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