Saturday, September 5, 2015

Books for Pirate Day, Plus Two Math Freebies!

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Happy September! Now that everyone is back to school (or will be this week!), it's time to start looking at the big events coming up this month ... Grandparents Day, Constitution Day, Johnny Appleseed Day, the first day of autumn, and just-for-the-fun-of-it day, AKA Talk Like a Pirate Day!

It is a totally crazy day, but after a few weeks in school (along with the fact that you can celebrate it on a FRIDAY this year!!), you might just want to put on the eye patches and tuck some pirate fun into your teaching that day. Think of it as a "Hooray, We've Finally Finished Assessments (for now at least) Celebration - Aaaargh!!!" And what better way to celebrate than with some wonderful read-alouds!

I've been poking through the pirate books at our public library and I've come up with a few that I'm excited to share with you. I love books that celebrate the joy of reading, gently encouraging our students to enjoy the excitement of books. Here are two pirate books that do just that. {affiliate links included}

The first is No Pirates Allowed! said Library Lou by Rhonda Gowler Greene.

Reminiscent of one of my faves, Suzanne Williams' Library Lil, this is another story of a spunky librarian who stands up to a tough guy - this time, it's grumbly, loud, and very smelly Big Pirate Pete. He's come to the library in search of treasure, and (after sending him home for a bath and a fresh set of clothes), Lou sets out to help him find it. She teaches Pete to read and after reading lots of books, the newly-civilized pirate realizes where the treasure is ...

"We've come to thank ye, Miss Library Lou!
'Cause of ye, now we know- books be the treasure!"
"Shucks," whispered Lou.
"It's been my pleasure."

David McPhail's Edward and The Pirates  is another book that combines pirates with enthusiasm for reading.

Beautifully illustrated on that lovely velvety paper that makes some books extra-special even before you start to read, this story features Edward, a little boy who loves books so much that the situations and characters he reads about come alive for him, which makes for a very interesting adventure after he reads a book about pirates!

After you read Edward and The Pirates, here's a free set of related story problems to solve with your class. They are mostly at end-of-first, beginning-of-second grade level, but you'll find that you can adjust up and down a bit for your own grade. My favorite card is the last one, which has your students partner up to use their own imaginations in creating number stories using a list of words from the book.

Thanks for stopping by! I'll be sharing lots of pirate freebies in the days ahead. Follow and like my Facebook page so you won't miss out on any of them!

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