Saturday, May 11, 2013

NIce to Meet You

Hello Teaching Blog Round Up followers! I don't know about you but I'm very excited about this collaborative blog. I was able to find some great bloggers through it already. (I can't believe I didn't know some of my co-authors!!!)


I'm Brenda from You Might Be a First Grader... I've been teaching first grade for 5 years now (wowie wow wow) I also did a stint in 2nd grade. I love this age group.

I'm here to offer a freebie, a tip, and a chuckle.

First all a tip...
I've been blogging for about a year. I really try to reply to as many comments as I can. My particular layout doesn't offer a 'reply' option so unless you subscribe to comments on every blog you post to (which may result in a TON of emails, lol) you may never know that you had a reply!

I type a reply and then so many times I see this nasty thing in the address bar (I should look there before I type my reply but live and learn)
the dreaded 'no-reply' commenter
If you'd like to receive comments go here (I had a post on my blog about this but now there is this Blogger/Google+ mashup so there are different directions)
Click here to check out a really good post by Fluster Buster (I googled and it had the best how-to)

Now a freebie!
practice a variety of sounds!
  • ee and ea
  • final y
  • ai and ay
  • short a and i
  • long a silent e and long i silent e
  • oa and ow
  • oi and oy
  • ou and ow
  • er, ir, ur
  • or and ore
  • I'll try to update the packet as I add more 

click here to get your freebie!

And of course a chuckle
H: I need to show you something
Me: Okay
H: (turns around to show me the back of her shorts)
Me: *chuckles*
H: It says MUDD. *smiles* It's a brand.

You Might Be a First Grader...

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