Saturday, May 4, 2013

Not Your Same Old Days of the Week Song

First, let me tell you how excited I am to be one of the Teaching Blog Round Up Authors.  I'll be posting on the 4th of each month.  I hope you like my first unique idea and FREEBIE!

Here is a different song to use that reinforces the days of the week.  My kids LoVe to sing this song as we are walking to the computer lab, the science lab, the library, to lunch, or at dismissal.  And I LoVe to see the smiles on the parents' faces as they recognize the tune.  It is sung to the tune of The Cure's "Fridays I'm In Love" and you can grab it for FREE at my TPT store.
Click on the image to goto the FREEdownload.
I wrote it to promote attendance, especially on Fridays.  Our attendance on Fridays was low because it's a minimum day for P.L.C.  We plan lots of fun things for Fridays.  This song tells about Fridays and how cool they are.  It starts like this:

I don't care if Monday's here,
Tuesday's late and Wednesday's near,
Thursdays always make me cheer, 
And Fridays are so cool!

Saturday's GREAT!
But Sunday I'll anticipate,
Another week, I won't be late!

Monday I can learn to read,
Tuesdays, Wednesdays plant a seed,
Thursdays math is all I need,
And Fridays are so cool!

My free download includes the entire song and extra verses an is located on my TPT store: 

You can listen to the melody by searching "Fridays I'm In Love" by the Cure on iTunes.

This certainly isn't your same old days of the week song!  Do you have a cool song that you use to teach the days of the week?  Please let us know by leaving a comment.

See you here at Teaching Blog Round UP next month!  In the meantime, visit my blog, KFUNdamentals for fun pre-school, kindergarten, and 1st grade ideas that "keep the FUN in the FUNdamentals"
Palma  :)

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