Friday, August 2, 2013

Storage Ideas, Journals, Binders, Freebies!

Hey everyone! How are you? I am neck deep in getting ready for the school year to begin. We officially start on August 8, with the children following by one week. I though I would share a few photos today of my classroom as that is pretty much all I have been doing lately!

I found these cute and colorful pop up containers from Amazon that are great for storage! I have various kinds of math manipulatives in them now

These are my desk totes. I purchased one in each color from Lakeshore. They are $4.95. The little pail that is holding scissors is from Walmart.

Each student has a notebook that holds work that we do each day for Math, Writing and Fluency. I am attaching a copy of the cover in case it would be useful for you!

This year we are doing Math Journals. It is a daily response to a pre-determined question or problem. I purchased the composition books at Walmart for 50 cents and I even made my husband go thru all of the stacks so they would match! He used to stuff like that! I am including the label for this also! (I simply printed on the 8.5 by 11 Shipping Labels.

This is our school to home folder. Our PTA buys these for the whole school every year, each grade a different color. They really DO last the whole year. Very sturdy! Cover below . . .

This will be our daily writing journal. I purchased these at Walmart as well, my husband cut them in half and so I ended up with half size composition books for 25 cents a piece. Not bad!  Label included below . . .

Click HERE for Binder Cover.
Click HERE for Math Journal Label.
Click HERE for Home Folder Cover.
Click HERE for Journal Cover.

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Have a great day!!

Graphics from the following were used for these projects.: MelonheadzTpt/ Graphics from the PondTpT/ Great GraphicsEtsy/ SolpaShopEtsy/ DigiBonBonsEtsy/KB Fonts/Kevin and Amanda Fonts


  1. I love hoe you cut the composition books in half for the writing journals. Perfect size and price!

  2. I would love to know more about the notebook where students keep their work!!

  3. Does he use a band saw to cut the notebooks? Thanks.