Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Common Core-Style MATH!

Hey again! It's Angie from The First Grade Scoop! Can you believe it's already mid-August? Where did time go?!

Well, it's been a fabulous summer (FAB.U.LOUS) but it must come to an end sometime, right? My official first day of meetings starts Wednesday next week, but I'm going in starting Thursday to start setting things up. So, I don't have any pictures or anything fun yet. (Sadness.) But, I've been doing a LOT of work with the Common Core for math this year, and I wanted to share a few resources that you might find helpful! Let's start with some great websites. Have you heard of IXL? It's a great website that existed pre-CCSS but now has a section of CCSS aligned math material.

In this menu, you can pick individual standards and subskills within that standard. But the best part? If you click a link within a standard, you get to see several problems (that students can actually answer through their website for instant grading).

I think this will be a great reference for problem types as I make assessments for my students!

Next up is a GREAT wiki from Howard County Public School System. You can see their scope and sequence for when they teach each standard.

If you click a standard on the left, you'll see a definition of the standard, key questions, and - best of all - TONS of ideas for games, activities, and lessons!

Another GREAT site with TONS of resources is the Engage NY site.

They have curricular calendars, modules (like units) with very very detailed information, videos, and more!

I'm so excited to really make my lessons CCSS-focused in math this year. I made a file of assessments (three per standard!) and data binder pages for my firsties this year.

If you're interested, it's only $5 now until I start back at PD (August 21st). 

Have a great rest of your week!

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