Monday, August 5, 2013

Hundred Chart Fun and {Freebies!!} Games!

Hi, Teaching Friends!

How nice it is to be here again with you! I hope you're all enjoying a wonderful summer! I know that many of you have already started school again, and my wish for you is that you're already falling in love with your newest group of little learners! (I also wish you an abundant boost of energy for the week ahead!)

The hundred chart is an amazing tool for early math. Whether it's for the way the patterns in the rows and columns reinforce the predictability and order in mathematics, or for the value of the chart as a computation tool, I think it's essential for primary grade students to essentially have such accurate and detailed knowledge of the hundred chart that they basically carry one around with them in their heads.

Of course, making that happen requires building familiarity and automaticity through frequent instruction and practice, practice, practice. Fortunately, kindergarteners and first graders love working with the hundred chart. (Think it might just be that they love big numbers and being able to count to 100? :)

Here's a free set of 2 games that will build your little guys' strength in using the chart. They will locate and write numbers through 100, and also practice using place value (tens and ones) as a way to name numbers through 99. Click on the picture to download, print, and enjoy!

And here's another free one, this time with a bit of a seasonal theme! Level One has the numbers filled in and your students must locate them on the grid. In Level Two, your students spin a tens spinner and a ones spinner, find where that number should go on the hundred chart, and write it in.
Click on the image and you'll get both games, ready to print and go!

Just one more freebie, you say? Okey-dokey, here's one that's hot off the press, and is a Teaching Blog Roundup Exclusive!
Click here to download Hundred Chart ZZZIP! from Goggle Drive.
Do you and your students work on the hundred chart every day as part of your calendar time, perhaps as a way of counting up to the 100th Day of School? Here's a set that you and your students will enjoy. There's a big pay-off in the number sense your students will develop when you use this riddle set! See the details (clearer pics, too... sorry about this one!) of this number one seller at my TPT store.

{Giveaway Alert!}
Today, August 5th,  is the last day to enter at Teachers Notebook, where I'm giving away five copies of  Dice Dot Battle, a game for subitizing, adding, and comparing numbers. Click on the TN link or on the picture to enter! I hope you'll be one of the lucky winners!

Thanks for spending a few minutes here at Teaching Blog Roundup today! I hope that you've found some resources that will help as you embark on the adventures of this new teaching year!
Have a great week... Happy Teaching!


  1. Thank you for sharing these great resources! Teachers can never have to many ways to use the 100's chart.

    The Math Maniac

  2. You're welcome, Tara! I appreciate your sweet and supportive comments!