Thursday, October 24, 2013

You're One Smart Cookie!

Hello everyone! I can't believe the 24th of the month has rolled around again! This month {and especially this week!} has been incredibly exciting for me!

This past summer, I spent a good amount of time creating my Smart Cookie Math program to supplement our math program {which is majorly lacking in facts practice!}

As I was creating the product, I kept hearing parents' voices in my head saying, "How can I help my child practice these facts at home?" So, I thought, what can I do to bridge the learning between home and school? 

Well, why not create the Smart Cookie Math app to go along with the program?

There are two modes of play: Timed & Practice Play.

If a child is working on passing Level 3 in the classroom, then they can simply practice Level 3 on the app! The exact same math problems are in the classroom version, as the app version! 
Once a child chooses a level to play, there's a quick countdown screen.  

Below is a screenshot of Level 1. It clearly shows the child which level & problem they are on.  The cloud in the corner counts down from 2:30.  In practice play, the screen looks the same, but there's simply no timer! 

If a child can successfully complete 30 correct problems in 2:30 minutes or less, they earn a "cookie" in their jar.  The cookie dances around the screen and jumps into the jar! 

I would LOVE for you to pass along the app to your parents, colleagues and even your own children! If you love it, please leave feedback in the App store! I suppose if you don't love it, you could leave feedback too :) 

If you're using Smart Cookie Math already in your classroom, click the picture below for a letter you can email or print for your parents. 

If you teach upper grades, you can read more about the Smart Cookie Multiplication Program {here} The Multiplication/Division App is coming soon! 


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  1. Molly I just added this app to our iPads and the kids loved it! Amazing job!