Saturday, March 15, 2014

Happy St. Patrick's Day (3 FREEBIES)!

Hi everyone!  It's Jennie from JD's Rockin' Readers!

I've always loved St. Patrick's Day!  I'm not really sure why?  It started in college… unfortunately I was always the one working behind the bar while everyone else was having fun.  The restaurant that I worked at opened for kegs and eggs at 5:30am.  I didn't usually work the morning shift (thank goodness) but we needed all the man power we could get on that day.  So it was long hours and a little bit of craziness!  Even when I started teaching, I would use personal days and go back and work at the bar for one day a year.  Heck, I was making better money there than I was teaching!  
Anyway, like I said, I'm not really sure why I have always like St. Patrick's Day.  Maybe it's because you can dress up however you want and look like a fool and nobody cares!  

I have a few freebies for you today that I wanted to share!

First up- here's a Search the Room or Scoot game for telling time to the hour and half hour!

Next up, greater than, less than, equal to game!

And, some fun sound/letter boxes!

Enjoy!  Now- go enjoy a green beverage:)

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