Monday, March 10, 2014

Mini Leprechaun Hats for St. Patrick's Day

Hi Friends,
Sorry to be a bit late in the day with my post but we are dealing with power outages here in my part North Carolina from the recent ice storm. Everything takes a bit longer but things are improving. I have been seeing the adorable leprechaun hats made from styrofoam cups for several years. I wanted to make them but I really need to test things like this out before leaping into it. Due to school being closed I had the time. I worked on getting the right baking time for these cute leprechaun hats. Like all good scientists should I tried it three times. I hope I have the best directions for you to use. To find out how to make these cute hats visit my blog Teaching Resources for the Classroom.

You will need styrofoam cups, permanent markers (a must), an oven at home and sweet little hands to color the cups and enjoy the magic.

Top of the day to you all,
Teaching Resources for the Classroom

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