Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Tons of FREEBIES In One Link

Our Crazy Bloggers' Bash FREEBIES:

Do you recognize any of your favorite bloggers?
I'm the only one in the front row who didn't have to bend down!

Last weekend, 15 amazing bloggers descended upon Pasadena, CA where we shared our blogs and gave away prizes and an Ebook full of freebies for our attendees.  Here is the best part:  We want to share the Ebook and all of the FREEBIES with you too!
Heidi, from Heidi's Songs, was our fearless M.C.

Freebies are from all of these bloggers!

How To Get Your Freebies:

Just click HERE and check out my blogpost.  Find the subheading: FREEBIES IN OUR  EBOOK and you can share in the fun too and download tons of FREEBIES for your classroom!
Once you download the Ebook, just scroll down to each of the bloggers' slides and at the bottom of each slide is a link to click on for your FREEBIE.  It will say "click here" at the bottom.

Please consider following each of these amazing bloggers because they are the BEST.  You might recognize some of the names like Heidi Butkus from Heidi's Songs and Deanna Jump, the 2 Million Dollar seller on TPT!

My Freebie:

I have a link to my freebie End of the Year Crayon Poem.
You can tie a ribbon around the neck of the jar too.  Roll up the poem and tie it to the jar.  

You will also find my FREEBIE (right in-between Heidi's freebie and Deanna's freebie) which is my Kindergarten Candle Poem.  This project will bring tears to your kindergarten students' parents' eyes.

It's a cute poem that is perfect for the end of kindergarten.  It tells parents (in the form of a poem) that we don't need our big kindergarten crayons any longer because we're going on to first grade.  :)  (There is also a version for any students you might retain in K.)

This is how it works:  In June, have your students peel and break all of their large kindergarten crayons and place them in a small baby food jar.  (Label the bottom of each jar with a piece of masking tape labeled with the students' names first.)  Help the children place a birthday candle in the center of each jar.  

Then (you will have to do this part or you can find a sweet parent who will do this for you) take the jars FAR AWAY FROM CHILDREN and pour melted paraffin wax over the crayons.  It looks really cute if you let some of the crayons stick out of the paraffin at the top.  You can buy paraffin at craft stores like Michael's, but it's usually less money at grocery stores where you find items for canning.

You can download the Crayon Candle Poem, roll it up and tie it with ribbon.  Tie the ribbon to the neck of the candle jar and send it home on the last day or at your kindergarten graduation.  

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See you all next month on the 4th!
Palma :)


  1. This is so cute! I love the idea of the crayons! And the the poem! I don't have words.

  2. Thank you so much Andrea! Our parents LOVE the crayon candles too! Enjoy! Palma :)