Thursday, April 24, 2014

Are Your Kids Marvelous?

Happy Spring everyone! I hope this past month has treated you well! I had a wonderful & relaxing Spring Break last week! For those of you still on break, I hope you enjoy every moment! 

I can't believe we are nearing the end of the year! I can't believer there are just 5 Mondays left in the school year {I always count "by Mondays" because that's my yard duty day - blech!} 

Are you looking for a special keepsake to send your kids off with? 
Check out Marvelous Me Books!

I vividly remember making a similar book when I was in first grade! Every year I've taught first grade, my students have created their own keepsake book. 

I fancied up the version I'd been using for the past few years and decided to package it up!
Thank goodness for fun fonts, borders and clipart!
There is a huge variety of pages included - pick & choose what works best for your class!
This project is perfect for the end of the year because it took A LONG TIME! 
I kept reminding the kids that my parents had held onto my copy so many years later & that their parents probably would hold onto their keepsake, too! So you better do your best work! 

As I looked through my relic, I kept thinking, "Man I had horrible printing! {Ha - such a teacher thought!}
There are a few options for covers.
In my class, the kids always make a cover to look like them using scraps of paper.
However, it can be time consuming! So, I've included 8 different versions using adorable Melonheadz! 
Recently, my dad found my 1st grade book while we were cleaning out some {very} old boxes! It was super fun to re-read! I successfully predicted that I would be a teacher! :)
Have a fabulous week! 

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  1. Love this! It will be great with the 8.5 weeks I have left of school!! Wahh!!