Saturday, April 12, 2014

testing testing...1 2 3

Does your school go into some sort of crazy mode when testing starts?! Mine does! I teach 2nd, and here in Alaska, thankfully, 2nd graders don't have to take the state test. But, that doesn't mean our stress levels don't go up! For a good week, I feel major tension and even the occasional scowl if anyone makes a peep in the hallway. Yeesh. So, my interim principal asked the K-2 teachers to come up with some sort of poster or cards to encourage those bigger kids during testing. As much as I want to take the time to have my kids work on something like that, we just have enough to do as it is.  So, I made a quick app poster after seeing something similar on Instagram (do you Instagram? You can follow me @tongassteacher).  You can download the apps for free and make your own poster! Click below to grab it! If you're school has already had testing, just save it for next year :)
See you next month!

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