Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Hey! Hey! Momma Rock Me!

Moms are the best, don't you think?
I am blessed with a wonderful mom who is 
a guiding light to everyone in our whole family.
Now that I am a mom I have come to realize
what a job it really is!
You wear so many hats and are so needed.
I continue to need my mom a lot to this day.
I hope I can provide support and guidance for
my children into adulthood like my mom has done
for me and my family.
We started in today working on a 
"The Top Ten Reasons Why My Mom is the Best".
Mother's Day will be sneaking up on us in less than 2 weeks!
The kids started to come up with some great ideas.

Here's my top ten for my mom!
1. She still does a lot of my laundry (yes, it's true)
2. She watches my children 3 days a week
3. She makes the best dropped egg on toast
4. She's always up for a shopping trip
5. She watches the same shows as me so we can discuss
6. She's my Pinot Grigio pal!
7. She loves having my children sleepover
8. She gets along famously with my husband...
sometimes too good because they 
love to gang up on me.
9. She never complains
10. She's simply the best!

I created a little template for my class to 
make their top ten lists on. 
I have also included templates for grandma,
aunt and a blank space for various family dynamics.
It's free to you!
 Since I'm all about moms I spent my Spring break last week
It's loaded with writing, crafts and more to show
mom you care!

Be sure to visit
tomorrow 4/30!
I'm teaming up with Fluttering Through First
for a grand giveaway!

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