Friday, July 18, 2014

CVC Word Practice

Hey everyone, it's Nicki from Mrs. Thigpen's Kindergarten. I love working with my students on word families and other CVC words. There are so many activities that you can do to teach CVC words----magnet boards, building words, missing letter activities, etc.

One thing that I always do with my students BEFORE they even see the letters in the word is tap out the sounds. I'll say a word like bat and we have to "tap" out the sounds with our fingers.

This helps those students begin to understand that these words are made up of more than 2 sounds. I do all of this DAILY all year, but especially before I start blending those letters together visually.

After we've practiced this concept and majority of the students know their letters and sounds, we practice putting those tapping/blending skills together to "sound" out a particular CVC word.

We build those words in the pocket with letter cards and once it's built, we tap out the sounds again by pointing to the cards, then running our hand underneath to blend. So cat would be /c/ /a/ /t/ then we would all say cat.

We continue practicing these skills throughout the year and I begin introducing CVC Hide and Find cards. The students LOVE these.

We put the CVC words in the pocket chart and "hide" whatever we are looking behind a word. Students must be able to read the word BEFORE checking to see if the item is hiding behind it. Many of my students can read these words after doing all of the above, but for those that still struggle---they know they can "tap" out the sounds and then blend.

I hope all of that was clear----it's hard to describe it in words when you can't visually see what I'm talking about! Maybe I'll do a video soon (of course---school has to start back first! :)

What are some ways that you practice CVC words in your classroom?
Here's a freebie for you to practice CVC words with your students!


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