Thursday, July 3, 2014

Making Prefixes and Suffixes Stick

Hi, y'all!  It's Andrea from Reading Toward the Stars!  I can't believe my summer is almost half over!  It sure is flying by, but I try not to think about it!!

Last week I had the joy of subbing for summer school.  Now I don't normally say that I love working at summer school during the summer, but this was super easy since I didn't have to plan a thing!  I just walked into the room, and voila, it was all there for me!  Love it!

Part of my day, I worked with fourth and fifth graders on prefixes.  The students had been working with a list of words, and they had to match up prefixes, meanings, and examples.  The students used these words, dictionaries, and friends to help them find words with a specific prefix.  Here is an example of the students' work.  She was on the dictionary stage.

After they found six words with their given prefix, they were to use them in a story.  This was REALLY hard for them!  They had no creative juices at all!!  Finally, they started to write a a bit of a story.

This activity really helped the students to build a bigger vocabulary with the prefixes they were given.  Just being able to get up and move around helped too.

Since the teacher had handwritten this organizer, I recreated it and included one for suffixes too.  You can grab that freebie by clicking {here} or on the picture below.

To find out more about our school's unique summer school program, head on over to my blog post {here}.  You can also grab another freebie while you are there!

What else would you do with these organizers and prefixes and suffixes?

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  1. This is perfect for fourth grade. Thank you for sharing.
    Artistry of Education

    1. You are welcome! I hope your students enjoy using it!

  2. I found you via the Classroom Freebie link up! Thank you for this wonderful resource.

  3. Cute! Thank you for including the instructions for how you used it! :)