Sunday, July 13, 2014

Gearing Up for Back to School... And a FREEBIE!

Hi there! It's Angie from The First Grade Scoop here.

We just got out of school less than a month ago, but when you see school supplies at Target and those back-to-school ads (already?!), it's hard NOT to think about going back to school.

Every year, I pull from my bag o' tricks to help keep the first days running as smoothly as possible.

One thing I do that helps calm students down and gives me time to deal with crying/school supplies/new students/parents is having coloring pages out and available for my students. They are easy, self-explanatory, and a good way to see how your kiddos are coloring for you primary teachers out there!

I've just uploaded a new set to TPT, and they are FREE!

They are available for preschool through sixth grade and I've made a couple different designs.

Just click HERE to download for FREE!

I also try to do the following activities:
  • Make Jitter Juice from Babbling Abby's Fun in First (I had a kid write in his memory book at the end of the year that it was the best part of first grade... Cute!)
  • Do "magic playdoh" (balls of homemade playdoh with a single drop of food coloring tucked inside). When students squeeze the playdoh, the color comes out. I tell them if their playdoh turns colors, that means they'll have a great year in first grade!
  • Send home a paper bag with a note requesting students put three things in the bag that they can share to tell classmates a little about themselves. It's a great way for students to see things they have in common with one another!
  • And of course, we read TONS of books! Over the first few days, we read many, but my favorite is First Day Jitters.

What are your favorite back-to-school activities?

See you next month!


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